High Security Locks

It’s very essential for you and your family to feel secure and safe in your house. The belongings in your home are valuable and thus it is important to protect them from burglars at all times. Here at Airborne Locksmith LLC, we offer a broad variety of high security locks that are specially designed to suit your needs as well as your available budget. Each of our security products is engineered and designed to pass strict safety guidelines necessary to ensure the protection of your property. Our high security lock systems include:

  • Multi-lock Dead-bolts
  • MEDECO Dead-bolts
  • Tuff Strike Door Reinforcement
  • Door Guardians
  • Key Control system
  • Restricted Keys

Access Control Systems

Our commercial access control systems offer the highest security levels for your warehouse, office, building, retail, or storage facility. Our systems comprise access control readers, gates, doors, and other devices for providing the appropriate technology and products to control, manage, and record access for the better visitor and employee management. Our commercial access control systems include:

  • Prevention of unapproved access
  • Better management and access controls
  • Traffic reports by time or date
  • Control zones for restricting employees access to sensitive zones
  • Managing access credentials
  • Exit/entry times by department and/or employee
  • Biometric access control based on people’s physical attributes
  • Remote system administration
  • Physical access control using turnstiles, pop-up vehicle barriers, etc.